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Dear Matriculants and Examinates, 

Welcome to the South African Matriculation Academy (SAMA)™.

We are an e-High School offering all Grade 12 subjects. Our breakthrough vision is based on the 65 years’ performance history of our schools, which may still be below 100% in another 65 years; unless a breakthrough strategy is installed to catapult learner and school performance over the reasons that are causing current poor performance.  

The SAMATM matriculation breakthrough is based on the Grade 12 examiners themselves, as the most senior and competent subject-matter experts in the country; using the latest technology and learning practices to teach the same subjects they will be examining at the end of the year. These examiners come with the rigorous knowledge of the subjects, departmental assessment policies and insight of the forthcoming examinations. The technology comes with teacher-bots using learning paradigm, rule and algorithms to support the examiners. It further provides Social Network Analytics like Within -Subjects, Between-Subjects, Within-Schools, Between-Schools, Within-Districts, Between-Districts, Within-Provinces and Between-Provinces; which will help each learner, school and district to benchmark and pace themselves against the bigger picture. These analytics are linked to authenticating users like parents, teachers, principals, district directors, MECs and Minister of Education; who have interest and responsibility to monitor, evaluate and motivate.

Our Vision

Breakthrough 99.9997% pass rate by 2030

Our Mission

  • Provide world-class massive open online Matriculation e-High School;
  • Rouse artificially intelligent matriculation social learning networks;
  • Connect learners and schools with their high performing peers;
  • Calm down learning and teaching variations through national standards;
  • Influence off-line schooling activities without replacing teachers;
  • Inspire government white papers, legislation, strategies and plans.

Our Motto

Learning, Networking, Examinating and Matriculating Together

Your SAMATM Steps:

  • Create a SAMATM Account;
  • Select your subjects for the coming Grade 12 exam;
  • Assess your school situation with Matriculator Survey;
  • Enroll on “How to be successful on SAMATM”;

Good Luck

Lulama Konza,

Chief Marketing Officer: SAMA™